Sunday, September 10, 2006

Colton Levi Clark
Ms. Lore you are way out there again! No I have no connection with Wonder Woman, and I had nothing to do with stopping the Link. The site showed some credibilty in the response.. I made no complaint to the site. I made my statements to you, and the others making harmful and false remarks. Slander is what the legal term is. Being held Liable is a term and concern you might consider! You put so much work and effort into such confabulated trash. How is it you have such time for creative writting. You might try being productive and contribute something positive to society! You say that you care about Children! How is that when you try to detroy the reputation of their family? Would you like the same thing done to your Children, and Loved one's. Your main objective appears to be building yourself up, and patting yourself on the Back. Well, no codos for you! this type of site is like the tabloids..Good God get a life! Take care of your Family. In my book , you are MENTAL! AS I stated before..
Colt is my Son and You are exploiting him.! If, you have this desire to help find Missing Children then Work With Credible Professions. There are many Organizations that do great work for for Missing, Exploited and Endangered Children! I hope you do not have to walk a mile in my shoe's .. The dispair and feel of loss is overwhelming and words can not discrib the depth of sadness, and sorrow. Never completely resting tends to make a person a little dingy, tired, sleep deprived, in general not at their best. Spelling, grammer mistakes, and repeting are just a few symptoms. Frankly; I do not care about the minor errors in grammer. compassion is a virtue that came easy for me. I see you struggle with compassion and other virtues that are postive charactor traits.
Colt and my family are my concern and I will protect them from conceted, self- centered, people with delusions of grandure. What is wrong with you? I would do some soul searching.
Take some courses in psych and criminal justice. This would help you, if your true desire is to help Children. Social work, Counceling, and Law would really advance your quest for Justice. Certainly we need people with the passion to help make our society a better place.
FYI.. You know," Where are Our Missing Children?" was a term paper and teaching seminar presentation completed by My husband and I, for our Class. This was [art of our finals in our RN program approx 1994. We choose the subject. We completed much research and it was a great concern and passion of ours to educate our fellow nursing class, and others. Most people we spoke with on the subject where shocked to find out the stats. We never dreamed this would or could happen to our family................ Ms. Lore I will not have any futher communication with you... I do want to thank You for your concern for my son's . You Stated that you had Colt's best interest.. You did keep his Name and case out there;That is what Counts......
I have updated you with constructive information....Education empowers the individual..Wisdom is using the knowledge correctly and understanding of the knowledge. ...May God Bless You.. The Rebecca Clark and Family